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Men's All Shirt Collection

Buy the best shirt for men online from KLOTHEN

A shirt is a lightweight item of apparel worn on top of the body that often has sleeves, a collar, and buttons along the front. As early as the 18th dynasty in ancient Egypt (c. 1539–1292 BCE), people wore shirts. They were fashioned of a rectangular sheet of linen that was folded and sewed up the sides, with a hole cut for the head and holes left for the arms. Ancient Egyptian garments with long, tight sleeves sewed into the armholes have also been preserved.

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Types of shirt for your daily fashion

There are dozens of different types of shirts for men. Mens casual pattern, Mens formal pattern, long sleeve pattern, half sleeve pattern. There are mainly two types of shirts that are worn by Men; casual pattern & formal pattern. The primary distinction between a formal and casual outfit is that the former usually has a more fitted silhouette, a button-down front, a structured collar, and clean fabric. A casual attire, on the other hand, is made of softer fabric, fits more loosely, and features a wider variety of patterns and images.

The fabric you should consider while buying shirt

The right fabric is essential when buying a casual attire. You want to be comfortable, yet have a casual look, not too clean and stuffy. Most casual outfits are either 100% cotton or 98% cotton 2% spandex for a bit of extra ease across your chest and shoulders. Cotton is the best option for breathability, comfort, classic look, and easy care. The weaves you want to consider are twill, poplin (plain weave) and oxford in this order. These are the most classic and well rounded. See our  Fabric Weaves Guide and Understanding Fabric Weight for even more information on fabrics.

Formal outfit often feature stiff collars and are colored tastefully. Wearing neckties with jacket lapels over them will look great. In order to reduce the number of colors, the makers will pay close attention to the color spectrum.

Why Klothen is best for Men’s shirts

Klothen is the shop where you can get the best Shirt collection. Klothen provides a huge range of men’s shirt in various patterns and colors. You can get an office outfit collection that will upscale your formal look. Klothen has a collection of printed patterns for men, striped patterns for men etc. The men's white shirt looks very classy. You can buy mens white shirt from klothen. If you are looking for a smart light blue shirt for men, Klothen is your best option.

Klothen has a very good range of shirts in their Eid shirt collection 2024. You can find a large number of shirts in different sizes & Colors.

If you want to buy shirt online, Klothen could be your best choice. Considering the options offered, you ought to spend money on shirts that enhance your greatest features. Klothen will enable you to sport shirts in a classy and stylish manner.

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