Men's Panjabi Collection

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Men's Panjabi Collection

Buy the Best Panjabi for Eid or any Festival from Klothen

Discover the perfect attire for Eid or any festival online. Explore a diverse range of styles, colors, and designs to suit your taste and celebrate in style with Klothen's new panjabi collection. From traditional to contemporary styles, we have something for everyone.

You're sure to find what you need at for formal wear to casual or even special occasions. Let's explore our exclusive & trendy collections today…

Latest Collection of Panjabi for Men & Boys

Panjabi is a kind of attire that was first worn by Men. Mens Panjabi portrays a picture of tradition. Nowadays, we see a massive demand for stylish panjabi. In many nations and regions, it is a customary outfit. People in the ancient Panjabi region wore a particular style of cotton attire. For both men and women, the upper portion of the dress crossed or reached the knee. The first thing that 90% of Bangladeshis should think of when asked, "What is the traditional dress of men in Bangladesh?" is panjabi. Nonetheless, it is acknowledged as the most widely worn traditional garment in Bangladesh as of right now.

On occasion, people are observed to have orna with specific types of this attire. When worn, these also provide a panjabi a more unique appearance. Young folks who are conscious of fashion wear this orna with their panjabi, while older people are content to wear pajamas and panjabi alone.

Why choose Klothen for your fashion?

Klothen is a premium brand where we can find the best ethnic collection. Klothen provides all the latest collections of outfits. Klothen has a variation of ethnic collection. Klothen has a collection of colorful & printed ethnic attire, a versatile collection of white & black ethnic attire which will be perfect for any occasion. Klothen sells a range of cotton panjabi which are very comfortable. We can get premium ethnic attire at klothen.

Klothen's Available Panjabi Types

Every year klothen launches some new attires for Eid. In the Klothen Eid special panjabi collection, we will see this outfit for men, for boys. Kabli style is very trendy for any event. You can wear it with koti to get a fusion of tradition and trend. From the Klothen ethnic collection 2024 you can buy it online. is one of the best online shops.

Colors and Sizes:

In the majority of cases, it is white, although its design currently incorporates a variety of colors and cuts. its sleeves end exactly at the wrist of the dress. Within the ethnic style are buttons in a variety of vibrant colors. A long style that reaches the knees is preferred by some people, whereas a short style that stops just below the wearer's knees is preferred by others.

Klothen's ethnic outfit comes in various colors, designs, and fits to accommodate different body types and preferences.

Our trendy ethnic attire is available in various colors, including the most popular black, white, yellow, olive, maroon, gray, red, and many more.

And we have all sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

You can also check the actual size to find your style's best fit.

(S) =Chest-41" Length 40.5"

(M)=chest - 43", Length 41.5"

(L)=Chest -45", Length 42.5"

(XL)=Chest -47", Length 43.5"

(XXL)=Chest -49", Length 44.5"

























Body Length






Sleeve Length






Since it is currently gaining a lot of popularity, there are outfits that have been set up to sell it everywhere. It is also reasonably priced. They are inexpensive and easily accessible to the public. Our tailors are highly talented in creating this in various colours and shapes. Semi-fitted style is often tailored to fit the body perfectly, while Kabli style has a more relaxed fit. Therefore, people may simply find them in any store or clothing.

Over time, the it has undergone a number of changes. The accessories are meant to draw attention to the uniform's beauty and simplicity. These choices for traditional dresses are based on what looks great with attire and the style that an individual wishes to attain. People are unable to consider events like weddings, birthdays, Pohela Boishakh, and Falgun without this Bangali.

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