Spring 2024 Fashion Guide

Spring 2024 Fashion Guide - KLOTHEN

The final season, spring, which spans the Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra (mid-February to mid-April), comes between winter and summer. In Bangladesh, the spring season is quite fleeting and essentially lasts from March to April. Since this is the period of year when the northerly or northwesterly winds of winter give way to the southerly or southwesterly winds of summer, the direction of the winds varies. With 20 to 25 percent cloud cover, a reasonable temperature, and a moderate relative humidity, the weather is often nice. Across the nation, the average temperature in March varies from 22°C to 25°C, and the relative humidity ranges from 50 to 70 percent. However, early in the season, relative humidity, temperature, and cloud cover are all lower than usual. Isolated thunderstorms can occasionally happen in the afternoon, especially in the second part of March.


It is said that spring is the king of seasons. People are inspired to go for walks in the morning and evening by the lovely weather during this time of year. The sky is clear at this time of year, and plants are budding new leaves. The south is blowing warm winds, which are rather pleasant after the chilly winter. Mauve jarul, golden radhachura, and flame-colored shimul, palash, and krishnachura flower. During this time of year, fruit plants including jackfruit and mango trees also bloom. The cuckoo announces the arrival of spring with its melodies concealed in the greenery. Bees are also starting to actively gather nectar during this season. The fields are dominated by wheat, oats, and mustard. Hindus commemorate festivals such as Doljatra and Basanti.


Bangladesh's economy, communication, trade, business, art, and culture—indeed, the people's whole way of life—are all governed by the changing seasons. Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. People in Bangladesh enjoy the spring season very much.



When it comes to fashion and trends, Spring is the season of colors. In Spring the weather remains mild cold and mild warm. As spring is the season in the middle of winter and summer, the weather is perfect for styling colorful outfits. 


In Bangladesh, the Pohela Falgun event is celebrated on the first day of Spring. Bangladeshis celebrate Pohela Falgun, which is also known as the first day of Spring in the Bengali month of Falgun. Students from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dhaka University initiated the ceremony in 1991. The Gregorian calendar typically dates the commencement of Falgun to February 14.


We usually consider Yellow or Orange as the color of Spring. But in 2024 people tend to style many different colors in the Spring season. Everyone associates spring with vividly colored flowers, gentle sunshine, and the gentle song of the birds, which has an impact on clothing choices. This month's romantic ambiance and the alluring appeal of the flowers have inspired countless poets, authors, and lovers to pen songs and sonnets. Romance, freshness, and youthfulness are in style everywhere, enticing people of all ages to enjoy the season to the fullest. Bangladeshi women have been enjoying this holiday season traditionally and dressed in the customary ways ever since their country gained its freedom. Our sense of style has revolutionized with the times, and women now desire to dress in fashionable ways while being true to their heritage.


In Bangladesh Men, Women & Kids tend to wear colorful Panjabi, Saree & Salwar kameez on most of the occasions. Spring season seems to be a happy and energetic time of the year. Falgun is attracted to hues that are similar to the aforementioned, such as brown, green, and yellow. Even if only a minor item has these colors, we should still make an effort to dress in them.



A bright Yellow color Co-ords set can be a good option for Spring fashion 2024. Women nowadays are very comfortable wearing co-ords sets. In spring women can wear different vibrant color Co-ords sets. Co-ords sets are very stylish and comfortable.


Nothing can beat the beauty of a woman wearing saree. Women look great in saree. In spring season women can wear different bright colors sarees. Muslin, Georgette, Cotton etc. fabrics will look good in the spring season. Yellow, Orange, Red etc. color will be perfect for spring.


Men can wear colorful patterned Panjabi in the Spring season. In 2024 the pattern Panjabis are very much in. These patterned Panjabis look very fashionable and comfortable.


Spring is the fun season for kids’ outfits. Kids look very good and happy in bright and colorful attires. In Bangladesh kids can wear bright, deep and vibrant colors. Cotton is the best fabric for kids’ outfits. Many fashion brands in Bangladesh like KLOTHEN designs spring outfits specially for kids. 


The intention is to wear bright colors as we celebrate life and the lessons it teaches us by embracing the romance of spring and stepping out of the drabness of winter and preparing for the hardness of the sweltering heat that lies ahead. There is no universal rule to support this.


Spring is basically a season of floral touch and vibrant colors. In the spring season, people can carry floral and patterned outfits very well. People look very good wearing bright colors in the spring season. In Bangladesh outfits made of cotton and other comfortable fabrics are designed specially for the spring season. Spring is the combination of patterns and colors. People can wear any deep or bright colors in the spring season.


It matters not what style you choose as long as you're at ease. Additionally, keep in mind that the hairstyle and cosmetics should go well with the outfit. When wearing the highly classic style, hair can be wrapped in a bun and little makeup looks sensual.


The main concept of style is to be personally happy and genuinely feel something for the new season and pay respect to it by wearing something that bears a similarity, like a brightly colored bag, a fresh flower tucked into the bun, colorful tops, etc., rather than to be flawless and demonstrate to others the amount of thought you put into the entire process.


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